What incidents and events have made India proud?

Answer by Neeraj Tilekar:

During US President Barack Obama's visit to the country earlier this year, the incidence below filled my heart with immense pride.

We all know that many Indian delegates were lined up in a queue and were introduced to Mr.Obama individually.

Amongst them, was Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, former Director General of
the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR). On his turn, he was also introduced as a scientist to Mr.Obama. As Dr.Mashelkar approached the US President, Obama exclaimed " OH! You are a scientist? What science do you do?"  Dr. Mashelkar is a reputed and a revered personality in the country and he had never encountered such a question before. But, he kept calm and replied, " I make science work for the poor."

Dr. RAGHUNATH ANANT MASHELKAR, another pride of India.

What incidents and events have made India proud?


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