Who is the most intelligent/ learned Indian ever?

Answer by Ashish Pethkar:

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar

Below is the list of his educational details.

M.A. (Public  Administration
M.A. (Sociology)
M.A. (Economics)
M.A. (Sanskrit)
M.A. (History)
M.A.(English Literature)
M.A. (Philosophy)
M.A.  (Political Science)
M.A. (Ancient Indian History, Culture and  Archaeology)
M.A (Psychology)
M.A.(Police Admn & Criminology)
Master of Philosophy(Tourism Mgt)
Master of Philosophy(Labour Studies)
D. Litt (Doctor of Letters)  in Sanskrit
Bachelor of Library & Information Science
Diploma in Cyber Laws
Certificate in Library & Information Science
PG Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management
Diploma in Multi Modal Transport, Containerisation & Logistics Management
PG Diploma in Criminology & Police Administration
Diploma in Rail Transport Management
PG Diploma in Tourism Administration
PG Diploma in Journalism
Diploma in Law of International Institutions
Diploma in International Law

Dr.  Shrikant Jichkar was a highly educated person with 20 post-graduate  University Degrees to his credit. He Began as a Medical Doctor (MBBS and  MD ) he did his Law with Post-graduation in International Law  (LL.M.) and his Masters in Business Administration (DBM and MBA) and in  Journalism (B.Journ). He did his Masters in ten subjects. He got his D. Litt (Doctor of Letters)  in Sanskrit , the highest of any Degree in a University. Most of his  Degrees are with First Merit and h obtained 28 Gold Medals. Between 1972  and 1990 he has written 42 University Examinations each ever summer and  every winter.

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar was a man of staggering  academic, professional and spiritual achievement. Looking at his  achievement one may be pardoned for thinking it to be incredulous. Limca  Book of Records lists him as the most qualified person in India.  

In  1978 he wrote the IPS (Indian Police Service) examination and got into  it, resigned, wrote the prestigious IAS (Indian Administrative Services)  examination in 1980 and got into it, resigning in four months to  contest his first general election.

Dr. Shrikant Jichkar was an  eminent educationist, an erudite politician, selfless social worker, a  forceful orator, an eminent scholar and a crusader of Indian culture and  tradition. He brought a whiff of cultural & ethical tone to  education. An Indian proud of his heritage, he was well versed in  Sanskrit, Upanishads, Geeta, Vedas & other sacred texts.

Jickhkar  was also a painter, professional photographer, and stage actor. He had  one of the biggest personal libraries in India with 52,000 books.

 Dr  Shrikant Jichkar was killed when his car collided with a bus near  Kondhali, about 60 kilometres from Nagpur. He along with his relative Dr  Shriram Dhawad and driver was returning to city from his farmhouse on  Amravati road when their car collided with a  bus. Jichkar sustained  multiple injuries and was rushed to a private nursing home where he  succumbed to his wounds. He was Just 49.


Who is the most intelligent/ learned Indian ever?


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