What is the best logo ever created?

Answer by Phanikumar Atyam:

  • Chameleon – The letters of the word are made into a chameleon
  • Turn – T and U are inverted and attached
  • TTW – Shadows of T's make W
  • Pencil – I and L makes the pencil
  • Ant – The letters make the ant
  • Black Dog – The two words make a dog
  • Elephant – E,L and E make the face of an elephant
  • Kiss – K and I are represented as male and female
  • Melt – Letters are getting melted as we move further
  • Steps – E is denoted as steps.
  • Elefont – Trunk of elephant is embedded in E
  • Wildlife Outdoor Expo – The letters of "wildlife" denoted the wildlife
  • Book camp – Books made the tents
  • Fit – I is included between F and T

  • Bird – B represents a bird
  • Eighteen Parkway – 18 is represented as I and G

  • Battery – Battery symbol is included between two T's

    Edit – Suggested by Robert Koprinkov
    Elefone – The logo forms the ears of an elephant.

What is the best logo ever created?


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