How should one see Arvind Kejriwal?

Answer by Anonymous:

I would just like to show some of his tweets on various issues, and then it's up to the people to decide what kind of a politician Arvind Kejriwal is.
In the last 6 months a number of things took the lime light starting from the Dadri incident till the most recent death of the student in Hyderabad (18th Jan). Here are Arvind Kejriwal's views on all those incidents..
CM of Delhi going to meet the family of ONE person who died in UP..

Blaming PM of India for rapes..
CM of Delhi commenting on a crime in Haryana..

SRK said that the country has become extremely intolerant, CM of Delhi says "Proud of u SRK!"..
OROP, something that concerns only the Center and not the Delhi CM..
Aamir said his wife scared to live in the country, CM of Delhi says "very true"..
When CBI raided the office of one of his minister's on charges of corruption (which they did find), it was termed as undeclared emergency..
Why do you even care if Arnab Goswami is paid 5 crore? That's something between Arnab and the channel! What's a CM got to do with that?
And lastly.. the suicide of the student in Hyderabad.
PS – He is visiting Hyderabad today to meet the protesters..
Now all these incidents took place in the past 3 months, and the CM of Delhi never failed to comment or should I rather say blame BJP for each of those incidents.
Another recent event was that when ink was thrown at him, he also blamed BJP and Modi for that. This was what he tweeted everytime he was provided with security..
And after the attack?
And the most interesting fact is that, he never tweeted a single line on the Malda riots! Not even a retweet! Reason? Because it didn't involve BJP or Modi. He didn't comment when muslims raised pro-pakistan slogans after Kamlesh Tiwari gave all those controversial statements.
So it can be clearly understood that he doesn't tweet his sadness or his concern on any of those incidents because he cares, but he does it because it gives him a chance to blame BJP and especially Modi! All he looks for is political opportunity.
I am not a BJP or Modi supporter, I just want a good government irrespective of which political party he is from. We all wanted a different political leader, one who isn't like everyone else. And that's why we voted for Kejriwal and gave him full majority. But like everyone else he showed us that he is probably worse than the previous ones..

Edit 1: I see a lot of people asking about his governance and stats, well to them I would like to say that please go through the question and description once again. It didn't ask for comparison of stats with other politicians, it asked one's opinion on Kejriwal and I have provided just that. He is already famous for his U-turns and there are quite a few examples of them like..
  1. Supporting Lalu even though he tweeted long back that Lalu should be in jail
  2. Criticized the congress govt for corruption and vowed to expose all the corruption cases against Sheila Dixit and when he came to power, he gave her a clean chit? (wtf)!!
  3. Never uttered a single word on the hugely popular National Herald Case because it was against congress and not Modi.
  4. Blamed Sheila Dixit for every single rape case and said that Delhi doesn't need such a helpless CM and when he became the CM, he said that I can't stop rape as Delhi police is not in my control! (Well it wasn't under Sheila's control either was it?)
  5. Protested outside Sonia Gandhi's house demanding immediate hanging of the rapists and when he became CM, not for once did he try to stop the release of the juvenile, instead helped him get a new identity(name,address) and gave him Rs 10,000.
I could have also given screenshots for every single point mentioned here, but that would make this answer unbearably long so if you have any doubt if these are true or not, please do a google search.
It isn't bothering me that he is just like any other politician or maybe worse, it bothers me that he desperately tries to prove that he isn't.

How should one see Arvind Kejriwal?


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