What incidents and events have made India proud?

Answer by Abhijeet Raj:

Afghans carried a 100 meter long tricolor to thank India for re-building Salma dam.
Afghan thanked India for reconstructing Salma dam by carrying a 100-metre tricolor. Their tweets were filled with thank you notes to India. They expressed their gratitude for building Salma Dam, which was reconstructed by India.
The construction work is almost complete and water is being filled now. The dam is expected to produce 42 MW of electricity and will water nearly 80,000 hectares of farmland. The project was started back in 2006, in western Afghanistan in Herat province. Thousands of Afghan residents expressed their gratitude by visiting the Indian consulate in Herat and thanking the officials from India. This gesture will surely strengthen the bond between two nations and we hope to see more collaboration in future endeavors.

What incidents and events have made India proud?


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