What do people in India do very easily which can’t be done by people of other nations?

Answer by Tushar Sharma:

Call parents regularly

My mother calls me daily. I never thought it was a big deal until I met an old lady in a bus who was residing in Florida. Some of the excerpts of our conversation.

"So where are you from?", she asked
"India", I replied
"Indian doctors are nice. So you studying medicine?".
"No mam. Engineering".
"How old are you", she asked.
"You don't miss your family?".
"I do. My mother calls me daily", I said.
"Daily! And you don't mind?", she was flabbergasted.
"No. Why would I?"

Later she told me how she was trying to contact her son for more than a year. But her son never replied.  "For my son", she said, " friends are more important".

I told her that it's normal in India to regularly call their parents & vice-versa. And that doesn't infringe our privacy. And we have no shame living with our parents even when we grow up.

It was difficult for her to grasp Indian culture which has roots in 5000 years old civilization. The Western world espouses individualism. However, this often leads old people struggling emotionally.

Soon my stop came. I parted with her with a smile. I saw her smiling back trying to hide a garb of loneliness. And I alighted from the bus and called my mother…

PS: Thanks Vamsi Suman for the edit.

What do people in India do very easily which can't be done by people of other nations?


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