What are some things foreigners believe about India but Indians know are laughably way off?

Answer by Nargis Ansari:

India happens to be a highly stereotyped country even today. The wrong perceptions usually stay with foreigners unless they actually visit the country or have someone who visited give them a first hand account of the reality.
Here are a few famous things that foreigners believe about India that are obviously not true! 
They think we speak 'Indian'
What foreigners think: Indians speak Indian
What it really is: We have 23 recognised official languages and English and Hindi are the most commonly chosen languages for communication.
And that we don’t know the right way to poop!
What foreigners think: Indian toilets habits are funny and unhygienic
What it really is: Indian toilet habits are scientifically proven to be healthy!
We drop everything we are doing and start worshiping our cows!
What foreigners think: All Indians are Cow worshippers
What it really is: Cows are considered holy by the Hindus but considering it’s a diverse nation there are various other communities that consume beef
Indian people are shrewd villains
What foreigners think: Indian people are inhospitable and unfriendly
What it really is: Visit an Indian household and they won’t allow you to leave without having something, no matter how poor they are. Also, if you smile at them, they always smile back.
These are some of the most common misconceptions they have about us. You might want to check out more of these here: 10 Ridiculous Firangi Notions That Are Stark Different From Desi Realities

What are some things foreigners believe about India but Indians know are laughably way off?


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