What are some of the best real-life examples of “success is the best revenge”?

Answer by Archit Kumar:

Arunabh Kumar: Got rejected by the company, MTV India

You know this guy right? The much acclaimed Yogi from the TVF Pitchers? He was unhappy that Indian Television industry didn’t have content rich shows. So, he approached the then most popular youth-oriented channel – MTV India. He expressed that he is keen to start something which is content rich. MTV rejected his idea.

After this, he started his own modest venture. Fast forward to the year 2015, and he has 1,096,581 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He is now known as The Qtiyapa Guy.
In his own words, ”When MTV rejected the idea, I think that was the best rejection of my life. Youth channels told me Indian youth doesn’t want to watch this. I wanted to prove them wrong. Had they accepted, the idea would have ended up in some maximum 10 to 15 episodes.”
And this is really a success…

This is the only a Indian show that have rank 22 among imdb top 250 shows.amazing thing is Indian never have any show have have rank  under 100 in imdb top 250.


What are some of the best real-life examples of "success is the best revenge"?


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