Who is the most dangerous person in the world?

Answer by Abhinav Krishna:

Sorry for the repetition, but I felt like a little more weight is required for one of the options over here.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders of Google

In-fact, Google was the first thing that came to my mind while reading Oliver Emberton's answer to What would a modern-day evil genius have to do in order to take over the world? As I started to ponder upon the possibility, further detail started pouring itself into the picture, fitting the aforementioned description perfectly like a missing puzzle piece.

We are so used to Google's integration into our lives that we have somehow become completely oblivious to the depth at which it happens. And when one begins to understand how intertwined we have become to this phenomenon, its quite frightening really!

Evaluating these two across Ollie's answer,

Billionaires – Check!
Not interested in success – Check!
Global monopoly in technologies – Check!
Super smart people – Check!
Owner of the world's most valuable company- Check!

1) They know where you are – Chrome can access your location, so can your android phone; and I can safely bet on the fact that these two hold the majority number of users in browser and mobile platforms respectively. Your location can be known at any point of time and if there's a place that doesn't show up on google maps, I haven't seen it yet.

2) They know who you are – Working with an alias? They would have access to a million mails that tell them about your professional life and a million chats that do the same personally. Your resume and important work details are probably stored on Google Drive and they will know every bit of it.

3) They know what you do, when you do, probably even before you do it. – Before sleeping off at 12 in the night, I set an alarm at 8'o clock in the morning, then take the 9 o' clock bus to work, where I waste my whole day on Quora and get out at 6 o'clock. I go to a party with several friends and reach home late at 11 o' clock. Common links? Android mobile and Google chrome.

4) They know your network – You might be a quora addict or a facebook junkie, but the contact details of all the people close to you you are ultimately stored in your android phone. Moreover, all these applications have a common suffix. – For Android.

5) They are all around you – Videos, maps, images, blogs, Financial tools, you name it and they've got it!

Considering all this data is stored in Google's servers, its not hard to imagine them having some kind of a monitoring system, especially since the big guns of technology are starting to heavily invest in Big data and its telemetry these days.

So, we have here a system that monitors an enormous amount of personal data and takes decisions based on some clear cut trigger values and patterns, rings a bell. Doesn't it?

Eagle Eye!

Don't think they can do it? Here's something that will change your stance.
There are a number of innovative and excellent projects under google's umbrella at the moment. I will point out one of them as an example of their supreme capacity.

Google Flu Trends – They estimated the flu trend for USA based on the various search data surrounding the key word "Flu". The result is unbelievably close to the actual trend.

<EDIT> Several other recent projects of google are quite amazing! In the recent times, they have taken over the mobile industry with their Nexus line of phones, They are providing broadband internet through hot air balloons, They've developed self-driving cars, Made google glass, they are on the verge of introducing modular smartphones through Project Ara and what not? All this by a company who started off as a search engine. Phew! <EDIT>

The way I see it, the only thing stopping google from world domination is the lack of intent.

But I'm sure old Larry and Sergey haven't thought about this. or have they?

On a lighter note, Here's an XKCD strip suggested by Murukesh Mohanan
xkcd: Password Reuse

Who is the most dangerous person in the world?


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