Has Narendra Modi brought “achhe din (the Good Days)”?

Answer by Sahil Popli:

A fresh one.
I am roaming around the beaches of Goa for last one week.
Today (1 Jan 2016) at 11.30, I came to Dona Paula, a famous place where some fight scenes from movie Singham was shot.
Dona Paula has 2 ways to reach where one, which is the main access road is under construction and second one which is an alternate road is unpaved and almost unusable.
While on my way with my headphones on, a cop came on a bike and asked me to be on one side of the road.
I looked back out of curiosity and saw some laal batti's (vehicles with red light). It was Nitin Gadkari , Union Minister of Road Transport and shipping of India.
People on the way were like "ab ye road ban jayegi gadkari hai gaadi me" (this will become a road now, Gadkari is in the vehicle). I was amazed to see the people reaction they are happy like anything.
I rushed to him when he reached Dona Paula, greeted him and enquired about road to Cola beach in south Goa. **I visited cola beach recently and it was very dangerous ride on that road.**
I said "sir 2 3 firangi marte marte bache ".  (Sir, 2 3 foreigners were almost dead)
He smiled and said "son its in pipeline, agli baar aayoge to naya road pe bike chalana" (next time when you came you can ride on the new road)
When he went away in a boat I came to know that the CM of Goa was also with him as i dont know who it is after Mr. Manohar Parrikar, i didn't recognise
While writing this answer I checked his facebook page and found this.
​I was astonished, he was not on holidays like #pappu.
That's acche din for me.

Has Narendra Modi brought "achhe din (the Good Days)"?


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