What are the best short scary stories?

Answer by Dhawal Barot:

Anonymous Caller
In the month of march Raj went to Dubai with his wife Meera. They returned back in April having spent quite a good time.
Once he was having party at home and someone called on his home phone. Raj  picked up call, but no one answered. This continued for 5-6 times, but as there was no voice from the other end, Raj got irritated and disconnected the phone.
Next  night, Raj got stuck at the office and the same thing happened at home.  Raj's wife picked up the phone at home, but no one responded.  Meera discussed same with Raj but they ignored this at first but this went on for many days. They decided to investigate further about the caller. After investigation Raj found every call came from a single number  and with further investigation he found name associated with the number. His reaction was full of anger as that number was associated with the caller was   "Anand Old-age Home" where Raj had admitted his mother.
Raj realized that it's his mother who keeps dialing him and don't even acknowledge. He went to old-age home to complain and scold his mother. He was so much angry that he didn't ask for his mother, but went to the  administrator's office. He discussed and complained everything to the admin.
Mr Sharma who was admin said, "It's impossible because Raj's mother passed away in March and they tried to call Raj for same but couldn't contact as his home number was not picked up by any and
Last wish of Raj's mom was just to listen to Raj's voice on phone.."
Short Story Movie from my this Answer –


What are the best short scary stories?


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