What are some interesting questions asked in an interview?

Answer by Rahul Mandre:

My summer placement interview..
Q.1) Sell this water bottle to me?
My Answer :
(Who the hell pitches to sell water bottle :-P, It was a normal water bottle and after some thought, I decided to answer this question hypothetically and show some creativity)
I  : Hello sir, do you have a minute , can I talk to you?(That's the standard way of how to approach a prospective customer:-P)
Interviewer  : yes, of course
I :  So sir, what is your daily routine?
Interviewer :  Well I go to office , 10 to 6 , then I come home and relax..(How's that relevant to water bottle, huh?)
I :  So, you are constantly at work in office..(I know the answer :-P)
Interviewer :  yes.. (anyone here to say No?..:-P)
I :  you know that doctors recommend to drink water every half an hour, do you?
Interviewer :  hmm, yes I know , but I hardly do (what is he upto?)
I :  No worries, I got a bottle with a creative opener that has a flag attached to it which will pop up in every half an hour reminding you to drink water, sounds interesting? (Fingers crossed..)
​( I once saw this type of bottle in creative products on quora :-p)
Interviewer : Next Question.. (Just a small smile, how rude?)
Next Question :
Draw a logo and tagline describing yourself.
Verdict : Selected…

What are some interesting questions asked in an interview?


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