Why is Facebook so boring these days?

Answer by Anonymous:

You have just hit puberty. Congratulations.

Facebook is boring now, because now that you have this.

And you feel like using this.

You dont need all of these.

Hence it becomes…like this.

QED. 🙂

Well, As the images showcase…

It's easy to grow out of the frivolous humour, that FB is absolutely LITTERED with. Hence, for a little intellectually stimulating discussion, we have Quora as a platform. Now once, you start spending time on Quora, then it's almost impossible to go back to the frivolous jest, and mindless comments on FB. And though that really depends on who you are friends with, and the pages you " like" , FB Is generally a little childish.

Plus FB has been there for quite a while now, the initial "WOW" factor has and will eventually fade, and once the novelty wears off it might get a little repetitive and "boring".

Why is Facebook so boring these days?


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