What are some things that happen in India to be ashamed about?

Answer by Vaibhav Garg:

Well, here's what I have to say.
Meet Manoj.

So, I'm currently living in a hostel(under Allen administration) and Manoj is our cook.

He is a poor guy and works really really hard to feed his family currently living in Uttarakhand.(A single person who cooks for around 30 people 3 times a day, washes utensils, keeps the hostel clean and what not.)
But here's what life gives him back:-
  • A salary of only Rs. 6000 despite the fact that each student pays 11000 per month hostel fees(which is a lot) and if you multiply 11000×30= 330000 (you get the monthly income of the hostel) and all he gets is a mere 2% of it.
  • And even that is not paid at time and as a result both his family and him had to suffer a lot. Recently his sister had an accident and when his mother called him for money, he didn't have any. So he had to borrow from my roommate. He is supposed to get paid within the 1st week and now its the 4th week going on and he hasn't received a single penny.
  • The hostel owners(thekedars) who are responsible for sending ration don't send it at time and as a result Manoj has to face the angry faces of parents of students who complain against the food.
  • One might say that why doesn't he leaves the job and join somewhere else but the truth is he can't, the only thing he is good at is cooking and no one else would hire him and thus he stays here despite of everything and the big guys take his condition's advantage.
So the fact that some Indian people are so greedy and inhuman, that's what I'm ashamed of.
But I've got to tell you that this Manoj is an incredible guy. In spite of all this, he stays happy.
Nowadays, he's trying to learn English with the help of the students.

I just want to say that his life is really unfair and he deserves better and the only reason this is happening is because of the hostel owners who care only about their money.

What are some things that happen in India to be ashamed about?


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