What can I learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life?

Answer by Shweta Patel:

How to remember your passwords and keep it safe from others?
In case you're not the best when it comes to memorizing stuffs & lots of passwords confuse you & you end messing things up, then this is for you my friend. If you feel hard to remember the passwords, usernames, pin, account number & every other details of your personal account of any social media site or any bank account or whatever it is, then read my answer.
Create a folder of your name on your desktop like this:
Now, open that folder & create a new text file say hide.txt
Open that text file & save all your personal account information in that file.
For example, I've saved my passwords & pin in the text file hide.txt
Now, go through your pictures folder & copy any random picture in your folder.
Moving ahead, now open your command prompt.
Go to desktop using command "cd desktop" & enter
Then, go inside the folder you created using command "cd shweta" & enter
Write "dir" & enter
You'll see there are two files in the folder directory, one is "hide.txt" & another one is "ron.jpg".
Now, here's the main command:
Write "copy /b ron.jpg+hide.txt =shweta.jpg"  & press Enter
Syntax: copy<space>/b<space><picture_filename>+<text_filename><space>=<newpic_filename>
Here's a snapshot:
Now, it will show 1 file(s) copied.
Now, go back & open that folder on desktop. You'll see 3 files there.
Delete the two files i.e. hide.txt & ron.jpg & right click on shweta.jpg
Click on "Edit with Notepad++"
A window will pop up on your screen which you won't understand because it's the binary conversion. Scroll down & reach the end of the window & you'll find your encrypted file or message.
Now, you can safely copy this picture in your pictures folder & nobody except you knows about the hidden encrypted text.
Happy Reading! 🙂

What can I learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life?


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