Is the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar as good as he seems?

Answer by Anuj Gupta:

Yes Yes Yes…He is actually better than what he seems..
Lets Check out!!
1.He Is The First IIT Graduate To Become Chief Minister Of A State In India.
He  is the first IITian to become a chief minister of an Indian state;   yes, you heard that right – before Kejriwal. He also had Nandan   Nilekani, co-founder and former CEO of Infosys, as a batchmate in that   illustrious batch of IIT Bombay.

2. Manohar Parrikar Believes In Fighting Fire With Fire

In a recent statement Manohar Parrikar had this to say:

3. He Is An Effective, Efficient, And No-Nonsense Administrator
Manohar  Parrikar has been a significant figure in Goa for the BJP and  RSS for  nearly 25 years, and has fulfilled his organisational duties  quite  remarkably. He is a known as a strict taskmaster in his home state  and  used to keep a close eye on issues concerning the ‘aam aadmi’. He  has  carried his no-nonsense image to the Ministry Of Defence which is  why  the efficiency of the whole department has gone up significantly.

4. Parrikar Is A Nationalist, A True Patriot, And A Man With A Clean Image

Manohar  Parrikar was called for national duty when he was invited by  Prime  Minister Narendra Modi to be India’s next defence minister and he  had  to leave his family back in Goa. Moreover, Mr. Parrikar has  maintained a  clean image throughout his political career and that is  what makes him  one of the better and incorruptible ministers in the Modi  cabinet.

7. His Actions Are Decisive And Swift

Be  it the Rafale Jet deal or the OROP implementation, Mr. Parrikar’s   office has been extremely pro-active in handling crucial issues   concerning national security.

6. Manohar Parrikar Doesn’t Fancy Reaping Sarkaari Benefits

Manohar  Parrikar was known to travel by his bicycle to Goa Vidhan  Sabha and  refused all government benefits after becoming chief minister.  He  insisted on using his old Innova even after becoming CM.

7. He Refused To Let The Death Of His Wife Come In The Way Of His Duty Towards The Nation

A  month before swearing in as the chief minister of Goa in 2000, his   wife passed away due to cancer. Mourning the demise of his beloved  wife,  Parrikar, a single parent to two teenage boys, took the oath to  chief  minister’s office with full responsibility.

Is the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar as good as he seems?


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