Is there any real genuine way to earn Rs. 5,000 – 10,000 per month in India working 1-2 hours per day online?

Answer by Siwalik Mukherjee:

In today's world, in order to earn a 5 digit amount per month in INR you need two very important things:
  1. A good Internet Connection
  2. Zeal to Earn
I am a final year CS engineering student living in bangalore and I come from a middle class family which is not very affluent.Hence I started taking care of all my expenses since the past 1.5 year and have manage to earn a decent ₹ 15,000 – ₹40,000 per month.
I'm going to share with you the SECRET formula I came to know from a friend which can fetch you up to a whooping  ₹1,00,000 per month.
I will be sharing my earning experience in order to explain the Formula:
Step 1 : Find out your interests and nurture them
I started learning web designing languages like HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT using which I could create very basic websites.
Then I learnt how to create responsive websites using css and created a few sample webpages while learning. All this took a month of time.
Now I was all set up to start earning.
Step 2: Create a free account in Upwork (or similar) to start earning
I set up an account and took the free tests on the site to get a good ranking, which would show clients that I know my stuff.
Step 3: Start Applying to jobs matching your forte
I applied on around 50 jobs that required to create simple static websites(That's what I learnt in the past 1 month and the only thing I knew) and wrote a well formed proposal to convince my clients to choose me.
But why will they choose you over another 100 people offering the service? Simple! You charge them comparatively less then the average quote and your verified skills tell the client this guy knows stuff and still charge less.
All it takes you to start a successful career in freelancing is the first job and your rating.
My first job was a beautician startup website which I was doing for $80 (₹4500), pretty cheap compared to standard pricing which is around $150.
I worked really well on the first project and made sure the client was really happy.
Further more, on completion I gave him a $10 additional discount and told him it was a token of appreciation for awarding me my first job. Client was now happy++.
He gave an outstanding feedback and recommended me on Elance. When I applied on the second job, I mentioned him to check the last feedback and again quoted cheap but around $100(₹6200) this time. This time too I managed to get a nice feedback.
Now in two weeks I have already earned ₹10,500 by working 1 hour daily i.e., 14 hours.
Following This rule I could now easily make around ₹10,000 per month working for 4-5 hours per week. But wait, if you read my second point on the starting of this post, you will know what I wanted now. More money. ^_^
When you make a website, you need graphics. I learnt photoshop and later illustrator really well to make sure I don't ever pay anyone for the graphics I need for the site and also started taking logo and graphic designing projects to earn an extra ₹5000-₹7000 per month.
Step 3: Secret FORMULA
As I was making around ₹15,000 to ₹20,000 only after the third month of working, I realised that money might be easy to make online but there is a pattern on how I can earn more based on highly employable skills I acquire.
So here goes your monthly earning based on skills you acquire:
            SKILLS                      Approx earning              Scope of jobs
1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript                ₹15,000                 basic static websites
2. Basic Photoshop                extra  ₹5,000  photo manipulation and basic editing
3. Illustrator & Photoshop    extra  ₹8,000   Logo creation and advanced editing
4. PHP / MYSQL                  extra  ₹15,000      dynamic websites with database
5. AJAX / JQuery                  extra   ₹7,000          dynamic websites advanced
6. CMS like Joomla/WP     extra   ₹15,000        dynamic websites with CMS
7. Ecommerce – Magento    extra   ₹25,000     dynamic websites like Flipkart
8. Stacks like LAMP             extra   ₹10,000        high end web applications
Although learning all of these skills would fetch you at least a lakh rupees per month, the total work hours will range to anything around 16-20 hours per day as you would be dealing with a lot more projects per month.
This sounds crazy right? How can someone work for this enormous hours and how can someone possibly keep track of so many projects? Is this even possible?
Well Pretty much!! Keep Reading…
Step 4: Making monthly income to ₹1,00,000+ a reality
Register your business with the government body and employ 3 programmers as interns based on the higher level skills you lack from step 3. You are now investing around ₹10,000 per head suppose, which is ₹30,000.
Now even if you each work for 8 hours a day,
that is 4 person x 8 hours a day = 32 work hours per day.
You can easily take up twice more projects per month and earn around double.
You might be thinking that it is all too good to be true!
Maybe, but only if you don't work hard enough. 😉
Incase you reach till step 4 and need to hire a web developer or considering my credibility to post this answer, you can mail me at or hire me at happy earning 🙂
EDIT : I'm overwhelmed by the tremendous response I got on this thread, also glad that I could actually motivate many people to start earning by coding.
Thanks for all the love.! 😉 

Is there any real genuine way to earn Rs. 5,000 – 10,000 per month in India working 1-2 hours per day online?


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