What are some of the most famous unsolved mysteries?

What are some of the most famous unsolved mysteries? by Arvind Vedaprakash

Answer by Arvind Vedaprakash:

The most famous prison escape remains unsolved still now.
The Alcatraz Prison Escape.

Frank Morris and Anglin brothers were prisoners in the Alcatraz Prison which is situated in an island with same name. The location was strictly secured by armed forces. Even if one manages to trick them out, the water surrounding the island was freezing cold that one would die within hours by hypothermia. They were sent to that inferno in the year 1960 for burglary, assault and their frequent escape attempts before. The prisoners had their minds set on an escape from here, once the warden said that it would be impossible to even think of it. Yes, he was right!!! Before Frank and Anglin brothers, 33 prisoners tried to escape. They were either caught or killed by the armed forces. This fact interested them very much. For two years , the three used various substances available on hand within the prison such as rain coat (for making a life boat), spoons & forks (for un-threading the screws) and even waste papers and hair to make dummies so that they could work at night while laying the dummy on the bed. Their actions went unnoticed. Such was their perfection. In June 1962, they successfully made it out of the prison, tricked the forces and used the life boat to cross the freezing water. No one has ever seen them since. The largest man-hunt search team was dispatched in an effort to find them but only in vain. Even today, the case remains open. The authorities were sure that they had drowned but no one ever found a body. Even the above story is a theory made up by the authorities of the prison. No one knows how they managed this near impossible feat.  If Frank is alive he will be 90 years old. Frank had an IQ of 145 ( top 3% of the world) so there is only a minimal chance of making mistakes. FBI tried every single known option but found no proof to track them down. Because of this mysterious escape, the prison was closed down and now exists as a museum.

(Remember the film " The Rock"?)
Dummy Head they used

In 1970s, a film was made about this escape. The title is "Escape from Alcatraz" and acted by Clint Eastwood. If you have time, please watch it.

What are some of the most famous unsolved mysteries?


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