How does it feel to meet Rahul Dravid?

How does it feel to meet Rahul Dravid? by Rehman Shareef

Answer by Rehman Shareef:

I met him in Sakra hospital, Bangalore. Almost a month before IPL, he stayed there for a couple of days to see after his mother. Fortunately, one of my friends who was admitted in the hospital informed us that Dravid was in the adjacent room. By the time I and my friend, Neelam, got there, the word spread quickly and a lot of fans already gathered there. Nurses, doctors, staff, fans, everyone had only one topic – Dravid.

The security guard allowed only one person to stay with a patient. I sneaked in to meet my hospitalized friend. As I was talking to her, I saw Dravid coming out of his room and I also came out. The entire block was empty; it was only me and Dravid there. I met him and introduced myself. My friend Neelam was watching all this from outside and she started crying out of happiness. She never saw him that close. I introduced him to her. He kept an extremely low profile and obliged everyone with a pic. He also spent sometime out there with everyone without displaying an iota of attitude or stardom.

My friend was sure delighted. My respect for him also doubled after meeting him. Even though he was surrounded by his fans, he always kept an eye on the room where his mother was admitted.

A great player, great human being, great celebrity, and a great son. That’s Rahul Dravid for you. Thanks 🙂

How does it feel to meet Rahul Dravid?


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