What are some facts about Mahabharata?

What are some facts about Mahabharata? by Ambika Mehra

Answer by Ambika Mehra:

1. Krishna’s Chariot

Krishna’s chariot in the battlefield of Kurukshetra was highly powerful. This is why, when the war ended, he asked Arjuna to get down first. After this as soon as Krishna got out of the chariot, the chariot itself became a ball of fire after a huge explosion.

2. Sahadev’s Astrology

Pandu had asked his sons to eat his flesh after he died so that all his knowledge gets transferred to them but only Sahadev was the one to eat a part of his flesh after which he could see the future. But the Gods cursed him that if he told anything about the future to anyone, he would die. Thus, he already knew about the battle of Mahabharata.

3. 5th Veda

Mahabharat is also known as the fifth Veda by scholars. Being an epic told by an extremely knowledgeable sage, this account was proclaimed to be the fifth Veda. The verses of the Mahabharata are highly complex teachings of that time.

4. Vidur’s Bow

Vidur was believed to be the incarnation of Yamraj. He possessed a bow gifted to him by Lord Vishnu. This bow was so powerful that Vidur could not face defeat in any battle. But at the time when Krishna came to make peace with Duryodhan, Duryodhan insulted Vidur a lot. After this Vidur decided not to participate in the battle and to avoid any meagre chances of it happening, he broke his bow into two pieces.

5. Bhagavad Gita and Duryodhan

Krishna wanted to narrate the Bhagavad Gita to Duryodhan in the first place, but Duryodhana refused to be taught the knowledge of the universe by Krishna. He believed that he already knew everything about the world and its morals that had to be known and there was no need to listen to Bhagavad Gita from Krishna.

6. Original Kaurav Names

The name of the Kauravas were originally Suyodhan, Sushashan, etc. and not Duryodhan or Dushasan. They were misnamed because of the evil karmas that they were performing at that time and in accordance with their deeds, their names were altered.

7. Draupadi Apologises After Vastraharan

Draupadi had actually apologised to the court after her vastraharan. She said that she had not greeted the highly held people of the court and elder members of the family while entering the court and this is why she felt apologetic in front of them.

8. Hanuman Heard Gita With Arjuna

It is known to everyone that Gita was first heard by Arjuna and Sanjay, the translator of King Dritrashtra, but it is known to quite a few people that even Hanuman heard Gita first hand from Krishna. Hanuman is believed to be immortal till date and at the time when Gita was being recited by Krishna; he sat on the top of Krishna’s chariot.

What are some facts about Mahabharata?


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