What is not important in life?

What is not important in life? by Nalira Rumaizan

Answer by Nalira Rumaizan:

  • I got 94% in class 12, science group. Now I'm doing CA, nowhere related to science, even 60% in 12th would have sufficed.
  • My sister got 65% in class 10. While everybody was busy bashing her, she scored 94% in class 12 and people called it luck (WTH!?!?!)
  • My cousin got 75% in class 12. Went on to do B.Sc in computer science. Later went on to become a gold medalist in MBA, now working for an MNC with a jaw dropping package.
  • My friend scored decent marks in class 12, had the means to fly abroad for higher education, now owns a house in that country.
  • And here in my country, parents and students fail to understand that grades have nothing to do with success, and the students pay their lives as the ultimate price…

Education is important, no doubt. But the marks, I doubt. Scores don't define you, scores don't decide your life.

Thanks Prabakaran, for the much needed edit 🙂

What is not important in life?

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