Are audiences getting tired of superhero movies?

Are audiences getting tired of superhero movies? by @DirkHooper

Answer by Dirk Hooper:

No. If anything, audiences are anxious for more superhero movies.

So far, this year alone, there are three movies in the top 12 of all-time superhero movie box office. Those movies are “Captain America: Civil War” currently at $1.1 billion worldwide), “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” ($872 million worldwide) and “Deadpool” ($771 million worldwide). [1]

“Captain America: Civil War” is the current box office leader for 2016.

That’s clear evidence that audiences are not getting tired of superhero movies.

Additionally, it’s hard to find a superhero movie that has failed over the past few years. “Fantastic Four” comes to mind, but that was a good reminder to the industry that we’re not going to just accept anything with “Marvel” on the one-sheet. [2]

The success of “Deadpool” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” does demonstrate that movie studios are going to have to stay innovative to drive audiences into the theater though. Playing things safe will cause the collapse of these comic-based movies.

As someone who loves going to a theater, but also values the money that I spend on IMAX 3D tickets, I want to see films that make the most of the moviegoing experience. Superhero movies have done well at the theater because they are big, and loud, and full of spectacle. Seeing those films at the theater are markedly different than watching it at home.

If the movie studios continue to bring authenticity, creativity and respect to their superhero films, then we’ll keep paying good money to see them. Once these movie studios start taking their source material and the audience for granted, the bubble will burst and we’ll be on to the next genre.


[1] Superhero Movies at the Box Office

[2] Why 'Fantastic Four' Getting Clobbered is Fantastic for the Movie Industry by Dirk Hooper on Dirk Hooper Unleashed

Are audiences getting tired of superhero movies?


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