What are the most visually creative resumes you’ve seen?

What are the most visually creative resumes you've seen? by Ankit Mandanka

Answer by Ankit Mandanka:

This Man Has Designed The Most Creative Resume Ever! He Got Job Without Any Interview!

For staying ahead in the competition, everyone needs to have special skills. Yes, the way you present the skills on paper is extremely essential. Who would like to see a messed up resume?

Well, Sumukh Mehta chose a completely different way of presenting his skills! Instead of a 1 –page resume, he did something creative! Yes, you heard it right; he designed a resume like a magazine and that too a 20 page one. This resume was designed for an international magazine named Gentleman’s Quarterly. He took help from content writers and graphic designers and it took almost 3 weeks for the completion.

Well, you would love the way he designed his resume. Basically, Sumukh owns a venture named ‘Your Pitch’ wherein he helps people in converting their boring and regular resumes into creative ones.

When asked about this, he said “In today’s competitive world, everything is just so difficult that you need to be creative if you really want to make things work and that’s what I did.”

This resume impressed Dylan Jones, the Editor-in-Chief very much and Sumukh was offered a job in London office without any sort of interview! Have a look at the resume!

So here it goes!

Then the index page!

Editor’s letter!

Lets have a look at the academics!

Experience section!

And some more!

Have a look at his hobbies!

His good deeds!

Here are my contact details!

And here it ends!

Source: www.rajnikantvscidjokes.in

What are the most visually creative resumes you've seen?


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