What is the most annoying thing about India?

What is the most annoying thing about India? by Fayaz Ali

Answer by Fayaz Ali:

UDTA PUNJAB leaked online with 'for censor' watermark on it.

There may be many,but now the most irritating and annoying thing is that the copy of most awaited and controversial film UDTA PUNJAB has been leaked online just 2days before the release. The makers have been making maximum efforts to reach people with finest subjects elivating the flaws in the society.Basically this movie revolves around drugs.

The makers have fought against CBFC(Central Board of Film Certification) to release it with least possible cuts and won it at High court which gave a verdict to release the movie with only one cut thrashing the board to remove the 88 cuts which were imposed earlier.

But the film is now available on the internet which is to be released tomorrow.The pathetic thing is that the ones who were supporting UDTA PUNJAB against CBFC weren't really with the film instead they were just against CBFC .

For the ones who respect determination,hard work,time,money,pain and tears please dont succumb to online leaks.

They have worked so hard just to entertain you for 2hours.And this work is much more worth than those online leaks.Please do watch it in theatres_/\_ .

Honest movie needs honest audience.

Kill piracy

Udta Punjab

Let it fly.

What is the most annoying thing about India?


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