When do you know that India is changing?

When do you know that India is changing? by Kommina Sivanand

Answer by Kommina Sivanand:

Yes,, India is changing.

Here is an example in Hyderabad.

The above is a important road that connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad near begumpet and is always full of traffic.

The traffic is clogged due to bottle neck caused by the building that is circled in above image. How horrible passing the road can only be explained by a person experienced it. Hours in pollution after a tiring day at office. It is a real hell to cross this building during peak hours.

This building is owned by a politically backed person belonging to a local hyd party. Many govts tried to demolish this building but failed.

But six months back it was demolished. Thanks to metro rail project.

You can now see in the below image how traffic is flowing.

The problem is not yet solved. After the building is demolished there was a small prayer house in the middle of the road which was obstructing the traffic. 2 months back that too was shifted to the road side as shown in below image.

I had never seen a prayer house shifting that too in a sensitive city like Hyderabad.

People mindset is changing in my country. They were now recognizing the pseudo seculars. God never ask us to pray him in the middle of the road. It is due to some fake baktas in the mask of politician who pay this cheap tricks for vote bank.

In respect to sentiments, demolishing a structure with little importance can be justified which is now helping people to reach home faster by 30 mins.

The below is the picture after shifting. See how free is the road when compared to first picture..(pic taken at 2PM on a working day starting of peak hours)

Earlier the building is upto the arrow mark and prayer house is at the circled area as shown in below image.

I don't know to whom to credit…PM or CM or my people, but my country is changing.

When do you know that India is changing?


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