What are some facts about famous people?

What are some facts about famous people? by Anitesh Jain

Answer by Anitesh Jain:

The previous answers are too good.

But I nowhere found this person. (And I can't take it)

This man needs no Introduction.


Well, neverless to say his movies are the all the time favourite for Hollywood fans. Despite, such a famous, successful and Intelligent story teller, people are still unaware of some mind blowing facts about him.

So, here goes some interesting facts about him –

  • He claims 'not to have any email address' , so his assistant prints out important emails and give it to him.
  • He never works on weekends.
  • Like Steve Jobs and others, he wear exact same thing everyday. In Nolan's case: A dark, narrow lapeled Jacket over Blue dress shirt with fraying collar plus durable black trousers with scuffed, sensible shoes. In colder weather, Nolan outfits himself with fitted herringbone waist coat being the bottom button left open. A pair of woven periwinkle cuff links and rather garish striped socks represents his only concessions to whimsy or sentimentality…
  • He's addicted to Hot Tea so much that he always carries a flask of it around with him in his pocket and his teeth are stained 'A chestnut gradient'. Micheal Caine (who play Alfred Pennyworth) once asked him –

Do you put Vodka in it?

He allegedly said 'NO'

  • Before he makes any film, he spends two weeks in writing the original idea of the movie on his Father's old typewriter.
  • He tries to film as many of his special effects in camera as possible (rather than editing them afterwards) to the extent that, his post production coordinator told the Times Magazine that –

I have worked on Romantic comedies with more after effects, than there were in Dark Knight.

  • By the same token, he builds humungous model sets in old Aircraft Hangers that are so immersive that once a Warner Bros. Executive got lost in the fake rain falling in the Gotham City that was build for one of the Dark Knight movies.
  • He also shot even the Skype-like video transmissions that appear in Interstellar on 35-mm film.

I hope you'll will love this Trivia.

Nolan once said –

I was always very fascinated by dreams from my childhood. It seem like you're in a different world. I always wanted to make a movie on it.

(He completed his Dream, INCEPTION!)


Happy Reading!

What are some facts about famous people?

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