Why doesn’t Nicolas Cage give up and retire?

Why doesn't Nicolas Cage give up and retire? by Peter Morscheck

Answer by Peter Morscheck:

It’s been largely said above, but Nicolas Cage not only has massive debts to pay (I read somewhere a few years ago that he needed to make at least $20 million a year just to stay solvent) but that will likely only compound with the news this week that he is divorcing his third wife, Alice Kim, after 11 years of marriage.

The bigger point is this — after years in the b-movie and c-movie doldrums, he needs only one movie to turn it around.

It happened to Sylvester Stallone (remember that streak back in 2002–2003 where all of his films went straight-to-video? No? Eye See You, Avenging Angelo, and Shade were 3 in a row that couldn’t even get a theatrical release. Then he bounced back with Rocky Balboa.)

It happened with Matthew McConaughey (in 2007–2010 he did a string of failed romantic comedies before a return to dramatic form in the excellent The Lincoln Lawyer started the “McConaissance.”)

And it could happen much sooner than you think with Nicolas Cage. Why? Simple – he’s got a supporting role in the forthcoming Oliver Stone film Snowden this fall.

Given the talent involved in that film (Cage included) I wouldn’t be at all surprised if by this time next year people remember how great an actor he is when he’s not just phoning it in.

Why doesn't Nicolas Cage give up and retire?


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