What is your roommate nightmare story?

What is your roommate nightmare story? by Sachin Mhetre

Answer by Sachin Mhetre:

When I was in college in 2009, I was sharing flat with 3 more students who were my classmates. It was 2 rooms flat (one big hall and one bedroom)

We had huge gang in a college and we were the only non-local students, so our flat was the ‘adda’ for whole gang. The gang used to spend whole day on our flat .

So let’s go to story, those were rainy days and incident happened in month of July. It was one of our roommate’s birthday. So we decided to prank him by not wishing him for his birthday.

We (all roomies and gang) went for outing but no one wished him on his special day. He was very upset and we were able to feel his sadness. Whole day was spent on outing and we came back to our flat at around 9:30 pm. The gang went their home (not actually) and we roomies set our beds and watching some horror movie lying on bed. The birthday boy was also watching movie with us. But he was so upset, that he preferred leave movie in half and go to bed.

The birthday boy was sleeping alone in bedroom with his loneliness and it was around 11:30 pm. We confirmed that he is in deep sleep. We immediately called our gang who were waiting out side with cake.

Gang came in. Lights switched off. Birthday boy still in deep sleep.

One naughty fellow brought a scary mask with him. He put on the mask and sat in front of him. Something like below

The whole gang shouted at the same time ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHAVA (bro)’ and he opened his eyes and saw masked ghost staring at him.





He was so scared, he not only peed in pants but his pants were filled by smelly yellow thing (you can guess what was it). He was so damn scared that he was not able speak for some time and was behaving like some mental patient. Seeing his condition now it was our turn to wet our pants. but somehow we succeed to calm him and brought him to normal.

This was nightmare for him and for us as well. Non of us have forgotten this incident and I’m sure non of us will ever forget it. Till date we have never forgot to wish him on his birthday.

What is your roommate nightmare story?

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