What are some confidence hacks?

What are some confidence hacks? by Jonathan Gliniak

Answer by Jonathan Gliniak:

Eye contact

Not like this, this is too predatory. People might assume you're trying to manipulate or dominate them.

Like this

Bill Clinton was known for having an intense stare.

Whenever people spoke to him in a crowded place, it always seemed like he was directly speaking to them.

They felt special.

"How can someone so prominent be speaking to me, I am no one compared to the president, but yet, he speaks to me as if I am."

Sustaining eye contact makes you appear interested in the person talking to you. It shows that you're paying attention and that you care about the conversation.

Whenever you speak to someone, make sure to look them in the eyes.

Look away every five seconds, don't appear like an owl and look creepy as shit.

What are some confidence hacks?


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