What are the Indian petrol pump scams that everyone needs to be warned about?

What are the Indian petrol pump scams that everyone needs to be warned about? by Sanoop Np

Answer by Sanoop Np:

So this happened to me on 18th May 2016.

I was on my way to office and stopped by Indian oil petrol pump opposite to passport office in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Well I'm very much aware of the petrol pump scams as I have had previous experiences. I have been cheated many times as I was careless. If I don't remove my helmet they tell me they didn't quite hear what I was saying.

So this time without removing my helmet I showed a Rs. 100 note and told the attendant to fill petrol. To my surprise this petrol pump employee filled petrol for Rs. 120 and asked me for extra Rs. 20. I lost my cool and got off the bike and asked him why would he fill extra petrol when I showed him the amount for which I need petrol.

He understood that I'm pissed off and came back with a bottle which had measurement on it and went towards my bike to remove the extra petrol he filled! I shouted at him saying don't you dare touch my bike! At this point of time he threatened me to pay whatever the extra amount he asked for.

I calmly went towards him and clicked few photos and told him I'm going to file a police complaint to which he said he's not afraid of the police.

Rest of the story in the below attached pictures.

Edit 1:

The headconstable called me in an hour and told me that he’s in the petrol pump and has given a strict warning to the employees. The best part was, the policeman made the guilty guy say sorry to me over the phone. Thanks to Bangalore city police for the timely action!

Edit 2: For all the people who are asking for the WhatsApp numbers of Bangalore City Police, please find them below.

So that's my story with a fraudulent petrol pump.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

What are the Indian petrol pump scams that everyone needs to be warned about?


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