Is Indian Railway doing well under the Modi government?

Is Indian Railway doing well under the Modi government? by Deav Syasmal

Answer by Deav Syasmal:

Yes, it is. Below are some pics I took in past 3 months in more then 20 trains and covered more then 10000 kms, 12 states, 23 towns/cities. Took many popular trains shatabdi, LHB trains, travelled in 3A, SL and general too.

Some significant changes I noticed-

1: Trains are much cleaner. In. Case, it is not, ask directly to staff or call.

2. Mats in toilet, very good quality to avoid slipping, when floor is wet.

3: Many time, I got a call from+91-139, to rate platform cleanliness and train punctuality. Pretty good always, deserve 5/5.

4. Irctc website is pretty good, faster than before.

5. Food-Great in some trains. To be precise, in long distance trains it's good.

6. Always protected by RPF, hats off guys . Two guys for two coaches. Pretty good.

Only thing I noticed was we are not maintaining cleanliness and simply tweeting to Ministry of Railways.

That's not cool. They are working hard to make railways better.

Even we should contribute a little, shouldn`t we?

Thank you so much guys for upvote & thanks.

1st edit: Yeah, This is not the case in all trains. There are still lot to improve.But,what i saw,i wrote. Next time,i ll capture more images & ll try to update.

Routes covered –


Is Indian Railway doing well under the Modi government?


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