What is the most soul-satisfying thing you have ever done in your life?

What is the most soul-satisfying thing you have ever done in your life? by Rajesh Chourey

Answer by Rajesh Chourey:

18 years back I was working as a branch manager of SBI at a small village. I was young and recently married. By virtue of being branch manager I used to get lot of respect from the villagers.

In our branch we had a canteen boy called Ganesh. He used to make tea for us and do petty jobs. He was also recently married to a village girl. Somehow for quite few days I found that Ganesh was not doing job sincerely and many times lost in thoughts and generally looked sad.

I asked branch staff about this change in him. They told me that few days back he had a big fight with his wife and she has left him forever. Hearing this I also felt concerned for him. Then I called him and asked about the incident. He hesitantly told me that his wife suspected his affair with another lady and was very angry with him and has left him forever.

I asked him whether he really had an affair. He denied. I cross checked with others and was satisfied that he was telling truth. Then I asked him whether he loves his wife. He said yes. I said do you want her back in your life?. He said he very much wanted her back in his life. Then I said would he mind if I went along with him to his in-laws’ house!.

He was taken aback by the offer but happily agreed. Then on next Sunday we both went to his in-laws's village on my bike. The village was 40 km away. When we reached there his wife's parents were very pleasantly surprised. I told them the whole story. Then counselled his wife and took promise from both of them that they will not leave each other.

The parents of the girl were so pleased that they cried before me as I saved their daughter's marriage. They were very poor but offered me lunch., Which I couldn't refuse. There was no chair for me to sit . I took lunch sitting on the floor. I suspected that many of the ingredients of the lunch were borrowed from neighbours.

After lunch we came back to our village ( my place of posting) . All the villagers were also surprised to find out that branch manager of SBI went to such an extent to save marriage of his canteen boy.

Just six months back I enquired and found out that Ganesh and his wife lived happily ever after and they have their son studying in class 12th.

I still cherish the memory of that incident as one of the most soul satisfying job of my life.

Edit : wow! 1000 up votes!! I didn't know that one small spontaneous and innocent act will bring me so much praise. Thanks Shweta for edit suggestions.

What is the most soul-satisfying thing you have ever done in your life?


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