Why did Salman Khan support Pakistani artists?

Why did Salman Khan support Pakistani artists? by Swapnil Kabra

Answer by Swapnil Kabra:


Let me answer another question first.

How many Indian movies are banned in Pakistan?

  1. M S Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016 movie)
  2. Dishoom (2016 movie)
  3. Neerja (2016 movie)
  4. Phantom (2015 movie)
  5. Baby (2015 movie)
  6. Haider (2014 movie)
  7. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (2013 movie)
  8. Raanjhanaa (2013 movie)

The list is endless. Where was Salman Khan when these movies were banned? Height of hypocrisy -1


Now coming back to the question, the main reason why producers or actors in India support Pakistani artists or for that matter artists from any other country is that they make huge profits with a very small investment.

Have you ever thought why are the Pakistani actor or actress not shown in the lead role (except a few movies)?

The basic reason is the Khans take the lead and the Pakistani actor or singer play a petty role and the movie gets huge response in a country like Pakistan.

I remember many Indians watching Quantico (TV series) Only because of Priyanka Chopra (actor, musician).

You see how this works? The movies today are made on a huge budget and they have to be released internationally. This is the reason for taking Pakistani actors in the movie or less talented Srilankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez (Strictly my view, not generalising).


Our dear Salman Khan must also think that country comes first and everything else later.

Having said that none of the Pakistani artists came forward to open their mouth about the atrocities of uri attack but all of them were pouring their heart out for Paris attacks. Height of hypocrisy-2.

Ours is a country with largest democracy. Do we really lack talent? Don't we have amazing actors, musicians or singers?

We have Arijit Singh if they have Atif Aslam.

We have Virendra Sehwag if they have Shohaib Akhtar.

Pakistan also finds it difficult to give visa to veterans like Anupam Kher (actor) that too twice this year because he speaks of India’s rich culture so proudly (see link below).

When there is so much hatred from the other side why do they expect garlands and roses from this side?

Not a good gesture Salman Khan. Period.


1. List of films banned in Pakistan

2. Anupam Kher lashes out at Pakistan govt after visa refusal – The Express Tribune


By banning Pakistani artists we are not stooping down to their level. Infact we are cutting them off from the money supply. Pakistan needs India more than India needs Pakistan. Of course it will hurt few people but ultimately it will make Pakistan realise that enough is enough and this time they have messed the situation real bad.

Why did Salman Khan support Pakistani artists?

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