Why is Christopher Nolan considered great?

Why is Christopher Nolan considered great? by @arwindh

Answer by Arwindh PanneerSelvam:

While reading a new book on Greek mythology, I came across this princess called Ariadne.

She fell in love with Theseus who was destined to fight with the Minotaur, a half man and half-bull monster living in an underground labyrinth which is so complex that no one has escaped it. Though Theseus was strong enough to defeat the monster, escaping out of the labyrinth seemed virtually impossible. Ariadne seeks the help of Daedalus and advices Theseus to tie a rope on his waist while going in and follow it while coming back. At the end, Theseus kills the Minotaur and emerges back to the earth with the help of the rope.

Now this name "Ariadne" kept bothering me while reading this, it's peculiar and I've heard this somewhere. After scratching my head for an hour, It struck me that it's the name of the architect girl in Inception. She's the one who understands the complexity of the maze and helps everyone get out of the dream world just as in the myth.

God damn, the genius of Christopher Nolan extends even to the character names! That's the level of detailing that goes into his movies!


Since many have asked the Greek book I’m reading currently, here it goes.

Olympus: An Indian Retelling of the Greek Myths

Thank you all for the upvotes!! This is my first 4K+ answer 🙂

Why is Christopher Nolan considered great?

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