How powerful is Russia?

How powerful is Russia? by Abhishek Choudhary

Answer by Abhishek Choudhary:

Let me give the latest war strategy of Russia.

After a thorough war plan & taking the permission from all intermediate countries’ ATC, He did this :

He placed the warship in the Caspian sea equipped with Cruise missile whose specification was unknown to the world. Now, most of the country cant ever imagine of air strike done far from 1400 km! and that too with so much accuracy and consistency. This left the neighboring NATO countries of Russia in worry.

footage released by Russian army, RT news & CNN :

This was most lethal bunker buster ‘thermobaric’ bomb: (looks like nuke)

Moreover Russia, indirectly, was destroying the US funded weapons!!

This is how Putin showed to world, especially the US, that Soviet super power is still alive or coming soon.

PS: Both USA & Russia are superior in military exercises, skills and strategy!!! And we get to know only those things, what they want us to know. Much of the things are classified.

How powerful is Russia?


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