What is the most soul satisfying thing you have ever done in your life?

What is the most soul satisfying thing you have ever done in your life? by Atul Mathur

Answer by Atul Mathur:

I was travelling in an auto in Bangalore 6 months back. The auto driver was frantically making calls constantly and talking in the local language which I don't completely understand. But 15 minutes into the call I understood that he was trying to call different people who had earlier promised to pay him small sums of money so he could get his son admitted into a college. He was turning out to be 1500 short and was constantly pleading with people on the phone to give him that money, to no avail.

I got off the rickshaw and paid the fare, and when the auto was about to leave, I stopped him and took out 1500 rupees and handed it to him. I had waited before paying because I wanted to ensure that it wasn't an act that he was carrying out.

The guy, at first didn't accept the money, but with some persuasion thanked me profusely and accepted the money. I also told him that I am only loaning it to him and want it back in 6 months, and I took his phone number and gave him mine.

I didn't expect him to return the money ever. I also wasn't sure if he had cheated me but I thought it was worth the risk of it helps someone get educated.

6 months later I got a call back from the auto driver and he gave me back the money thanking me for helping him when he needed it desperately!

Edit: Thanks for your comments and upvotes! My first 1k+ upvoted answer!

Edit 2: Thanks especially to those who commented on the 'loan' aspect. I did that not because I wanted the money back, it was done to make the auto driver keep his self-esteem if he had one, while accepting the money.

What is the most soul satisfying thing you have ever done in your life?


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