What makes you sad about India?

What makes you sad about India? by Saumya Agarwal

Answer by Saumya Agarwal:


Indore-Patna Express, went off the tracks near Kanpur before daybreak on Sunday, killing 145 passengers in their sleep.

This train accident costed us 145 lives? Really?


145 FAMILIES got damaged beyond repair. Maybe they will never be able to get over the tragedy.

Family members are crying profusely, searching frantically for their beloved ones. Children are affected the most. Some have lost their parents at a tender age. Overnight, their fate has changed.

Entire nation is mourning over the mishappening.



“Railway ministry is not to be blamed for this, it is PM Modi's ideologies and policies which have led to it," she said.


“Bullet train ki baat karte hai”

Instead of doing something about the situation, they see this mishap as an opportunity to condemn our PM.

Politics is at all time low. They do not care about the people, the country, but themselves!


What makes you sad about India?


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