What are some cool psychological hacks?

What are some cool psychological hacks? by Milind Satam

Answer by Milind Satam:

When you are to meet someone or interview someone you can use this hack. Most of the time we feel nervous before meeting someone for the first time.

But same will be happening in the other person mind too. He might be nervous too. How to find it out. Here is the trick.


When you shake hands with other person, observe the force he is applying while shaking hands.

If he is applying more force, it means he is quite confident and doesn't see you as a threat. Time to become extra careful.

If there is no extra force or no force at all, then most probably he is also not confident. He is nervous too. It’s time for you to ROCK!

I use this hack often and 7 out of 10 times it worked for me.

Please note these rules doesn't apply when you are meeting a girl. So don't go out there breaking girls hands by applying more force to show them you are confident. It will make wrong impression in their mind for you.


What are some cool psychological hacks?

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