What are some weird facts?

What are some weird facts? by Kirty Agrawal

Answer by Kirty Agrawal:

  1. Lichtenberg figures : These are strange skin designs which is caused when hit by lightning.

2) Perfumes : Many expensive perfumes contain Poop of whale.

3) Sumo Wrestler : Sumo wrestlers in Japan are asked to make babies cry , as they consider it Good Luck.

4) Turtles : Turtles can breathe through their bums. This category of turtles are endangered species.

5) Newton & Gravity : The apple tree below which Sir Newton sat is still alive and growing. It is believed to be over 350 years old.

6)Ethiopia : Ethiopia is a country in Africa which follows a calendar which is seven years behind the rest of the world.

Source : Internet. Images are for reference purpose only , taken from google.

What are some weird facts?


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