What fact makes you happy every time?

What fact makes you happy every time? by Sharbani Dhar

Answer by Sharbani Dhar:

It's 5:40 PM. I am running late. Very late. Hundreds of thoughts running in my head. Poor baby.. He must be upset. He must be hungry. He must be looking towards the door again and again. He must be wondering.. Why hasn't mummum picked me up yet. I walk in and look into his room through the glass window in the corridor . There he is.. Standing on his little trampoline looking all around. And then suddenly he catches me looking at him. There is no expression on his face..just the two big eyes looking and looking. Without breaking eye contact, he manages to crawl through the bar.. Get down on the floor which he can barely reach (my heart keeps skipping beats all the while). He gets down on his fours and then flashes me that big brilliant 1000 watt smile, as he crawls at a super sonic speed towards me and launches himself into my waiting arms. "MUMMUM!" ..  And I  experience sheer joy. Every time. Everyday.


Wow! Thanks a million for the up votes everyone. Really touched to know this simple joy touched so many! Many asked me to share the picture of my little one so here it is (from his crawling days)

What fact makes you happy every time?


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