What is the most amazing Olympic moment?

What is the most amazing Olympic moment? by Sugandha

Answer by Sugandha:

Okay, so a lot of answers here talk about some of the most memorable victories. But I will tell you a story of a man who came last in his Olympic run, but still won the hearts of millions. Few would remember the American athlete who won that race, but everyone who would have seen the race would remember the British athlete, Derek Redmond.

Because of an injury, he could not participate in the 1988 Olympics but all prepared and determined, he participated in 1992 Olympics. It was the 400 m heats. He started out with his record speed but in the middle of the race, he had an injury and fell on the ground. He stood up and tried to finish the race.

Clearly, he was in so much pain with each step he was taking. He knew that he had lost his race, but he still ran. But that’s not what this answer is about.

Then, out of nowhere, a man appears on the track, holds Derek by his arm. Derek hugs him and starts crying. But the man encourages Derek to continue the race.

A lot of authorities appeared, asking him to go out of the track, but he simply shoved all of them and helped Derek complete his race.

The man was Derek’s father. He told his son that they started his career together and they should end his race together.

When they crossed the finish line, the crowd, all in tears, gave them a standing ovation. It was one victory that filled warmth in all the hearts present in the stadium.

What is the most amazing Olympic moment?


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