Why did lord Shiva cuts lord Bramha’s 5th head?

Why did lord Shiva cuts lord Bramha's 5th head? by Vatsal Kavaiya

Answer by Vatsal Kavaiya:

There was a time when Lord Bramha was creating Universe and making it suitable for living Organisms. But he needed some sort of energy to keep his creations alive and the work on-going. He needed energy for plants to grow, Rotaion and revolution of the planets, birds to fly, waving of the oceans, flowing of the rivers, and many other essential activities. Lord Bramha knew that this work could only be done by Shiv. Let me explain you that Shiv was a form of Adi-Purush (Half male) and Adi-Shakti(Half female). Lord Bramha penanced for Shiva and when Shiva was pleased with his prays, He asked Bramha for the boon. Lord Bramha told shiva about his problem and asked shiva to get deprived of his female part which is to be used as "SHAKTI" for the formation of universe and as a supreme source of energy.

Lord Shiva did the same and got deprived of female part. In grief and pain of getting disjoint, Lord Shiva left his duty towards the maintainance of the universe and as a trinity(the three maintainers of the universe). he became an Aghori(rennouncing the world). Now, after watching the pain of Shiva, Bramha and Vishnu were constantly strategizing to bring shiva back. Once Bramha started a Stuti(verse) in order to praise the 4 vedas. At that time Bramha had 5 heads, four of his heads were praising Vedas, but in order to make Shiva angry and realize his duties towards vedas, the fifth head of bramha started denouncing(saying the worst of) Vedas. The Plan was successful , the world saw the anger of shiva, who immediately chopped of the fifth head of Bramha.Thus trinities always have a small or a big but a good intentions for any positive or negative roles.

Why did lord Shiva cuts lord Bramha's 5th head?


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