What made you smile today?

What made you smile today? by Anshul Sharma

Answer by Anshul Sharma:

Not just smile. It made me laugh!

I recently started working at a new company. I am loving the place and had told my parents about how good my office was. We were given free breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and to top it all, the fridge was always filled with drinks of all sorts.

My sister can be a little childish and ordered me to get a beer for her from the office. I ignored her with a laugh. But today, just before leaving my office, I picked a bottle of her favourite breezer and brought it home. And as expected, she was overjoyed.

Still wonder how small things can make people happy. But that’s not all.

After gulping it down within 2 minutes, she was at it again.

“Kal bhi leke aana”

(Bring another one tomorrow)

“Ghar ka maal thodi hai? Office ka hai yaar.”

(This is not ours. It’s from my office)

“Arre kaun dekhta hai, sab leke jaate honge”

(Who cares. Everyone must be taking it home)

“Mummy samjhao inhe”

(Mom, please explain her)

Mom: “Beta le aana didi ke liye. Ho sake toh papa ke liye green tea bhi le aana”

(Beta, bring it for your sister no. And if possible, also get green tea for dad)


And then we all started laughing. And that’s how silly my family is sometimes. 😀

What made you smile today?


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