What made you smile today?

What made you smile today? by Madhurima Dwivedi

Answer by Madhurima Dwivedi:

Not only smile, the incident made me laugh out loud. Though, I wanted to answer this question since long as it happened in the first week of demonetization of Rs 1000/- and 500/- notes, but being a Branch Manager in a PSU, I was hardly getting any time from the last few days. So here it goes.

This was the scenario of the branch during the second day of demonetization. Though this is the picture of a nearby branch of my bank because we are too busy to click a picture of people these days(too much dedication for work you see :D) but the crowd was similar to the picture in my branch that day. Apart from that, there were long queues of people waiting outside the branch waiting for their turn to enter branch. The staff of the branch was working hard to help the people in the fastest possible way. I was strictly ensuring proper work on each counter and making my best possible efforts to reduce the inconvenience to the people and I was so happy because people are appreciating the quick services & management of the branch.(more than enough for a BM indeed:) )

Meanwhile, a person(let’s call him A) enters my cabin and the conversation goes like this:

A: Who is the BM of the branch?

Me: I am the BM. Is there anything I can help you with.

(Thinking Who other than BM would sit in BM’s cabin in her chair. Apply some common sense man. Though it was not his fault altogether. Every other day people enter my cabin and search for a person who is somewhere in his 40s or 50s, wearing thick glasses, & having the “I am having the responsibility of the earth on my shoulders” expression on his face..lol..no worries I am used to it! )

A:I want to exchange some currency and your staff is denying to do that?

Me: I am sure there must be some misunderstanding. I regret your inconvenience. Kindly give me your exchange form, ID proof & money. I will provide you Rs. 100/- notes right here.

Without wasting a single second he opens a big bag and takes out a bundle of exchange forms(must be around 20 to 30) signed by different people along with their ID proofs and puts them on my table.

A: These people want to exchange old currency.

Me:Alright. I will be happy to help them. Please call them one by one.

A: I am a reporter in **** news channel and they are all my relatives.

Me:Oh that’s great. Please call them one by one.

A: (Angry now)They are very busy. They can not come to the branch for the exchange. You exchange the money and give the whole amount to me. I will give it to them.

Me: I am sorry to say but you must have seen hundreds of people patiently standing in queues outside the branch since morning. Would it not be unfair to them if I exchange the money of all these people who didn't even come to branch? Also the PM has clearly said that for exchanging money upto Rs. 4000/- a person has to be present in person in bank. I am sorry I can not do that.

A: (Furious) You don’t know the power of media. I will show you what a media person can do. I am directly coming from “******* Bank”. They willingly accepted without questioning even once and within minutes they exchanged all my money.

Me: Being a media person, you people are supposed to support the great cause which our PM has initiated. Just because you are a media guy and some corrupt employee of the other bank is supporting you in turning your black money white(30 forms * Rs. 4000/- = exchange of Rs. 1,20,000 of black money ), I can not help you.

After this, he immediately left my cabin without saying a word and I was amazed on my ability of dealing with a stubborn media person. 😀

He broke my sense of pride by coming back in 10 minutes. This time more confident …and I am sure what he said next will force you to read it twice.

A: “Ham bahar ja ke abhi Modi Ji se baat kar ke aye hai. Hamari baat to maan nahi rahi hai aap ab wahi aapse baat karenge…!!”

(I just went outside and had a conversation with Modi Ji..As you are not listening to me, he will directly talk to you regarding the matter)

What…????? I mean seriously dude…Did I hear correctly?? Am I sitting in this chair holding a “I am an Idiot” signboard in my hands…Brushing aside all the problems of corruption, black money, population, inflation etc. of the country, Modi ji is talking to a third grade reporter(no offences to anyone. He made me feel that way about him) for exchanging the money on the fake ID’s of random people which he managed to collect somehow.

I burst out laughing and I was in stitches for the next two minutes. Seriously, couldn't help . It took me another two minutes to come back to my senses!!

He was so embarrassed by the whole thing that he immediately took his bag and stood up to leave. But wait…story is not over yet..here comes another epic dialog from him:-

“Modi Ji Japan me hai na …signal nahi aate hai itni door ke..phone mil nahi raha hoga hamara..warna to turant kar liya hota unhone phone!!”

(Modi Ji is in Japan no…due to poor connectivity, he is unable to call me from such a distant place..otherwise he would have called me immediately!!)

P.S.- I am new to Quora and this is my first answer. Happy that I finally wrote one. Thanks for reading.Cheers!!

Edit 1:-I am really overwhelmed by the 34k views & 2k upvotes on my first answer .I am really thankful to each & everyone from the bottom of my heart who is appreciating our efforts. We are proud to be a part of a noble cause by helping the government to achieve a clean & better economy. No complaints at all for leaving the branch at around 11 or 12 o’ clock in night for two weeks because this is for the betterment of the country and we are more than happy to help! 🙂

What made you smile today?


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