How can I accelerate my personal growth?

How can I accelerate my personal growth? by Shovan Chowdhury  "Always remember that Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

Answer by Shovan Chowdhury:

  1. Stop wasting time on porn tube sites.
  2. Don't follow the crowd, follow your own way. Do what you love.
  3. Limit your social website activities.
  4. Don't only learn from success stories, learn from failure stories “why did they fail'? Find it and learn from it.
  5. Try to be a good presenter in office meeting. Trust me, it will lead to you a successful career.
  6. Control your emotion and try to be proactive.
  7. Chase your vision and dream. Success will start following you.
  8. Try to be creative. You should maintain a diary to list your creative ideas.
  9. Make an awesome and productive video which is related with your career and upload it in your YouTube account.
  10. Be practical. Life will be easy.
  11. When you are working, only use your smartphone for calling, not for any other purpose like gaming, check notifications etc.
  12. Make a daily routine and strictly follow it.
  13. Learn 5–6 languages.
  14. Read self help book like The Power of Now-Echkart Tolle, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari-Robin Sharma, Outliers-Malcolm Gladwell.
  15. Focus on your career and make plans rather than being involved in a stressful relationship.
  16. Work with the best people in your field and learn from them.
  17. Always come to the office on time.
  18. Stop chasing and impressing opposite sex (or the same sex).
  19. Don't be materialistic.
  20. Expect nothing from anyone.
  21. Always try to give your 100% effort.
  22. Build powerful habits.
  23. Memorize your colleagues and subordinates name.
  24. Understand office politics.
  25. Be mysterious and never express everything.
  26. Learn excel advance level which is the most underrated skill in the world. Still most powerful skill.
  27. Improve your leadership skill by enhancing communication skills and negotiation skills.
  28. Learn programming, web design and graphics design.
  29. Take up any interesting hobby like playing guitar,photography, blogging. It will accelerate your career.
  30. Be a better listener and meet new people.
  31. Attitude of continuous improvement and life-long learning.
  32. Be disciplined.
  33. Do meditation everyday.
  34. Attend numerous workshop,training.
  35. Get highest degree on your academic subject.
  36. Love yourself and take care of your health.
  37. Spend less time on Internet.
  38. Do Visualization.
  39. Spend time with creative and great people.
  40. Do voluntary works.
  41. Help people.
  42. Be curious and ask question all the time.
  43. Learn martial arts. It will help to lead you to be a strong person and have tough mentality.
  44. Leave your bed early in the morning and run 1 km.
  45. Never procrastinate to complete your work.
  46. According to Harvard business review, one of the quickest ways to learn something new, and to practice it, is to teach others how to do it. So share what you learn with your team, your manager, or your co-workers.
  47. Try to act like you are confident and can handle everything. Fake it till you make it.
  48. Be positive and learn from your faults.
  49. Be ambitious, think big and divide your work into small portion.
  50. Make a career plan of next 10 years. Where do you want to see yourself after 10 years? When you will have a plan,you will know what you have to do for achieving great success.

Always remember that Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

How can I accelerate my personal growth?

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