How do you fight an enemy, who is not afraid to die?

How do you fight an enemy, who is not afraid to die? by @Shaban113

Answer by Roland Bartetzko:

The ones that are not afraid to die are usually the first who will get killed in battle. It's actually easier to fight against persons who are not afraid to die.

Let me explain: A good and experienced soldier is a careful one. And it's not a shame to be careful on the battlefield! A careful soldier is very,very difficult to kill, whereas someone who is not afraid to die is often careless. Fear is a very important factor in combat. Too much of it is paralyzing, but the complete lack of it is also very harmful.

Chechen mujahideen giving “The One” signs

I saw that during my own time in combat. When I joined the Croatian forces in Bosnia I first felt pretty invulnerable and always wondered why everybody is taking cover and hiding out in the trenches all the time:”There's no danger” that's what I thought. I was lucky that I had some very good comrades who were patient with me and after the first battles I was starting to become a lot more careful (and afraid!) myself and started using the trenches all the time.

Then you have people like ISIS or similar groups. These people want to die.

Last year I interviewed several ISIS members for a study about radical Islam and one of these guys told me that he cried in anger after a battle-because he survived!

You often can see that these guys go to battle without taking any cover, just waiting for a bullet to kill them. They constantly shout”Allah u Akhbar” and lift their finger in the “The One!” sign (meaning “There is no God but Allah and Muhamad is his prophet”), because they believe that it's very important what your last words and doings on this planet are. These kind of dedication might impress a less experienced adversary and can cause panic. But if these guys face well trained soldiers they will have a problem.

To fight them you simply stay calm and do your job.

How do you fight an enemy, who is not afraid to die?


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