Who is Batman’s greatest love?

Who is Batman's greatest love? by Jack Hudson

Answer by Jack Hudson:

Batman doesn’t love, he just has a lot of reckless sex.

Just consult the 15 Most WTF Moments in Batman Comics. There’s a lot of sex in there.

No seriously, Batman’s greatest love is….. Alfred.

Now you may have thought I was going to say Selina Kyle or Robin, but you’d be mistaken because there’s only one character that knows all of Batman’s deepest, darkest secrets and who the Dark Knight has shown unwavering affection for throughout all of his existence.

That’s right, Alfred Pennyworth.

If the movie Frozen has taught us anything, it’s that acts of true love come in many shapes and balding sizes. I mean did you see the time Alfred kicked Superman’s ass to save Bats.

And then carried him away in his arms? It was awesome. And touching. And lovely.

Sure Catwoman’s a hot bosomy femme fatale in leather who likes it dangerous, toying mercilessly with the Bat’s emotions while walking the fine line between hero and villain. On paneled paper the two seem like a match made in Gotham.

But in reality, Selina Kyle is far too independent (like a cat) to ever be in a healthy relationship. And the Caped Crusader is far too conflicted, and physchologically effed up, to be able have any real, meaningful feelings towards her.

Pretty much all they’re good for is having a lot of sex with one another.

Alfred on the other hand gives Batman something no one else can.

Who is Batman's greatest love?


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