Why is Indian education so dull?

Why is Indian education so dull? by Adwait Samir

Answer by Adwait Samir:

As an 17 year old Indian who is studying in the 12th grade I think I would be an appropriate person. Finland’s education system has been stated as the most efficient education system in the world.

As we can see that Finland ranks first. I’ll just tell you where India ranks among it. India ranks 92nd according to a report from November 27th 2015.

It makes sense that India is ranked at 92 because we prepare kids for rote learning. I am in 12th now and I see half of my class and some of them who top, they don’t have manners, social skills, even common sense for that matter.

What happens with Indian education system is that we are given a formula and we have to derive the answer through it. If someone asks a question, that person is shut down either by don’t disturb while I am teaching or it is out of the syllabus.

How many times have your heard “this boy/girl will not be able to achieve anything in life” from the teachers? Students who are talking in the class are thrown out of the classroom because they are not understanding. Have you ever tried to find out the reason why? Why science doesn’t fascinate them? Why they sleep off during the lecture of British Colonisation? How many degrees and big fat books does it need to understand that those guys arent interested in what you’re teaching. Have you ever tried to figure out why? No because you were more interested in mocking them so that their morale goes down. India ranks 92nd in efficient education systems but ranks 1st in student suicide.

Why is Indian education so dull?


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