What are the best examples of working smart versus working hard?

What are the best examples of working smart versus working hard? by Mohít

Answer by Mohít:

Finding water in a desert.

Kalahari Desert is a large semi-arid sandy savanna in Southern Africa extending 900,000 square kilometers.

Finding water in such a place is almost an impossible task for most of us but bushmen there have come up with quite a smart way of finding water. They find water with the help of a Baboon (a terrestrial monkey).

First, A bushman dig a hole in a giant Anthill while making sure a baboon is watching because he knows that Baboons are inquisitively curious creatures.

Next, he put some wild melon seeds into the hole and push them inside into a hollow. Then he hide somewhere near the anthill knowing that baboon is burning with curiosity.

Baboon doesn’t trust this human being so he plays it cool, but he is dying to know what is inside that hole. Finally, when Mr. Inquisitive can’t take it any longer he moves towards the hole.

He then reaches out into the hole, grab a fistful but now his hand is too big to come out. He can drop those seeds to free his hand but he doesn’t do that untill the bushman comes and tie a rope around his neck. Only then he let it go when its too late.

Smart way to catch a Baboon. Eh?

Bushman then tie that baboon with a nearby tree and give him salt to eat. Salt is very scarce in desert but he is risking it for water knowing that baboon will eat those lumps of salt like candies. Baboon likes salt so much that he forgets that he is under arrest and that in a while he is going to be a mighty thirsty baboon.

In just few hours, baboon starts dying of thirst. Bushman senses it and set him free knowing that in this condition baboon won’t care who is following him. Bushman then follow baboon who goes straight to the pond full of water to quench his thirst.

And finally bushman finds water without doing a lot of hard work.

Image source- Beautiful People (1974)

Answer source-Beautiful People (1974)

What are the best examples of working smart versus working hard?

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