Is all media biased?

Is all media biased? by Rajiv Gusain

Answer by Rajiv Gusain:

Yes most of them are very biased specially against Modi and BJP as they never miss any chance to defame them and show them as party of corrupt.

Latest example of bias news spread by our so called media houses in which a Bengal Politician who was caught red handed with 33 lakh cash including rs 2000 notes and now look how they manipulate this news and defamed BJP for it-

Indian Express : BJP leader arrested
Hindustan Times : Suspended BJP leader arrested
NDTV : Expelled BJP leader arrested

Fact : He joined TMC after he was defeated in Assembly polls as BJP candidate and is currently District Gen. Secretary of TMC party.

This is one of the n number of news which are falsely spread by these media houses and this is the reason some of them are called prestitutes.

Is all media biased?


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